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The Arizona Film Society (AFS) was established in 1992. AFS is a state-wide, tax-exempt, community-spirited organization for anyone interested in film and video events, education, and fun. AFS is dedicated to creating and sustaining Saguaro Film Festivals and AFS Media Arts Resource Center. All contribution to AFS support Saguaro Film Festivals and creation of an AFS Media Arts Center.

AFS is an all volunteer organization with a membership that consists of a broad section of film and video professionals as well as film and video buffs, along with just plain movie fans.

The AFS SAGUARO FILM FESTIVALS are the largest gatherings of films and filmmakers in Arizona. AFS is the most accomplished film festival presenter in Arizona having presented three successful festivals in 36 months and having established working relationships for continuing annual events.

AFS is a member of a number of local, national and international groups, and has an illustrious Board of Directors and Council of Advisors.

AFS members, filmmakers and fans from 1998 Festival

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The Saguaro Film Festivals

The Saguaro Film Festival. It is a great opportunity to spend a few days watching films, hanging out with film lovers and talking with film makers. Arizona has discovered that the independent films featured at the fest are the award winning "small" films that are successful around the world, and that this fest is likely to be the only time the films are run here. Please look at our Festival Page for more information.

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